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musefood – food for thought

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a book with all the food you need to enter the muse… musefood

Here’s what poet and critic Joanne Burns has to say about musefood:

On opening Margaret Ruckert’s new collection ‘musefood’ one discovers a generously stocked pantry of poems. ‘musefood’ is almost cornucopic in its range of subjects. There are poems focussed on the contemporary woman, on contemporary lifestyle, education, science, hospitals and doctors, shopping, real estate, eating out, personal and family history, quirky museums, nature – and more.

Ruckert has a sharp and perceptive eye, and an inventive mind. She has the reflexes of a caricaturist. Her poems can be humorous, playful, witty, acerbic – and trenchantly challenging. In ‘party girl – submarine class’ the poet comments ‘and when she works a room, she’s a periscope on legs’. Another poem is titled ‘Miss Diagnosis’. In ‘by 12 p.m. any weekday’ Ruckert cheekily inquires of an extended family group eating out
‘Caesar salad, is one or more of them celebrating
the birth of a baby……’

Lyrical moments such as a portrait of her mother’s shorthand skills in ‘mood cumulus’, and water image poems complement the more performative works in this collection.

Joanne Burns

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Interactive Press Poetry Book of the Year 2012

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